Fernanda & Alex's Engagement Shoot at North Avenue Beach, Chicago, IL

Trying new photoshoot locations can be intimidating. As a photographer, you don't know what the light will do, how the weather will pan out, what obstacles you will run into (or in some cases, that will run into you.) I'm a country girl and really don't like trying to navigate my way around any city that I don't know well. One thing I run into a lot in the city is needing permits everywhere for a single shoot. I've seen prices as high as $300/day just to get the permit to photograph downtown areas! After reaching out to fellow photog and mentor, Teresa Williams, she eased my worries – North Avenue Beach is the perfect spot to get my feet wet, really!

Alex & Fernanda are set to be married in July 2022, and they were so much fun to try something new! They live in the suburbs, and I warned them 6am was really, really early, but we would be more likely to avoid crowd in their shots. Despite running a bit behind (hair and makeup problems), they arrived and we immediately caught the photos they came for – them with the city skyline of downtown Chicago. It did NOT disappoint.

After walking the pier (and dodging runners and volleyball players), we hit the beach for some more intimate portraits. Alex and I rolled up our pants, and after a half hour in the sand, believe me, I still have it lingering in my car after this trip. Alex was all for getting a little wet, but I think the photo he was hoping for turned out amazing – him sharing some close moments in the shallow waves of Lake Michigan.

Here's to the 1-year countdown to their wedding next year, and a new location in the books for this suburban photographer!