The Bonus of a Husband and Wife Team

After 24 years of marriage, we finish each other's sentences. We can go with our gut feeling and make magic happen because we are in tune with each other from across a crowded reception. We can read each other's minds (it's honestly kind of scary at times.)

When making the decision of photography, videography, or both, you get the best of both worlds with us. There's no "competition" to get a better photo of your dress in the window, to stand in a better spot during the ceremony, or have more time with the couple alone for portraits.

We have a plan for your wedding day long before we arrive. We know what needs to be captured from both a photo and video standpoint, and we do it seamlessly. We share gear, know exactly what each other needs for the best lighting and location, and can work around each other without saying a word. We've actually had people comment about how we move during receptions because it looks like we're on a carousel – moving in tandem to stay out of each other's shots, and we still capture the moments you don't want to forget.

Deborah Parker Ronnie Parker husband and wife wedding photography team

Meet the team


Owner, photographer, videographer, all-around go-to for your wedding day.

With 25+ years of photography, I pride myself in helping make your wedding dreams come to life after the party's over. I help you plan your timeline from hair and makeup through to the dance party at the end of the night. I'm your point of contact and your informal wedding planner. We'll make decisions from the get-go about first looks, must-have photos, and everything you want out of your portraits and video.

I hold a strategic vision for your day, I'm by your side ensuring the plan runs smoothly, and we'll get through to the other side with some wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

I'm a wife, a mom to twin teenage girls, and can't believe I'm already in my mid-40's. I'm a die-hard Nikon fan, and a firm believer that owning a camera does not make you a photographer. I live on caffeine, all things creative, am a complete foodie, and still carry my southern drawl and roots proudly, despite living in the Midwest for the last 20+ years.

Deborah Parker owner of Parker Photography IL


Co-owner, videographer, and tech guru.

With 20+ years background in corporate video, I came onto the team when my wife needed business and tech help. Once we wrapped our heads around the photography side of the business, we made the decision in 2020 to jump into video. It's helped having a male on the team so the groom and his guys are a bit more at ease during formals, getting ready, and just generally bringing some humor to an already stressful day.

You'll find me on most wedding days coordinating with your DJ to ensure we're getting great sound of your vows and speeches, running cables for lighting, grabbing behind-the-scenes footage for the team, and following behind the photographers capturing all of the live motion of your wedding day.

I fall under the titles of husband, daddy, executive corporate director, trainer, and repairman. I love helping my wife be creative and dabble in woodworking, but my forte is BBQ. Being from Texas, smoking brisket runs in my blood, and you'll often find me in the kitchen cooking up anything that I can pull together at the last minute, since we're always on the-go.


Ronnie Parker videographer for Parker Photography IL


Primary second-shooter, business owner, and friend.

Sierra joined PPIL in 2021 as lead second-shooter. With her own photography business, Sierra Marie Photo, she works primarily with the groom and his guys on the wedding day and has become a huge part of the PPIL team.

We brought Sierra onboard because her photography style is similar to ours, and there have been instances where we had enough business coming in, we knew if we were booked, we could refer couples to Sierra without worry. We lean on each other not just as second shooters for each other, but as friends, trying to work through this crazy business. We could, and have spent hours in a coffee house talking gear, social media strategy, and just life in general.


Sierra Burke second photographer for Parker Photography IL
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