Details/Pre-Wedding Gallery

We document your wedding details from tip to toe – shoes, dress, venue, getting ready, and focus on all the little things you will surely forget. You spent lots of time and money to make everything perfect, and we want you to look back on all of your hard work.

The day of your wedding, we will capture your hair, makeup, flat lay items (shoes, invitation, rings, bouquet), the groom & bride suites, bridal party, zipping up the dress, putting on cufflinks and more. We photograph journalistic style, so very seldom are these ever posed photographs.

wedding dress hanging in the window at Highland Loft in Elgin, IL, church in the window background
wedding dress hanging in window with flower girl dress
highland loft wedding dress hanging
bride shoes wedding bouquet
wedding details invitation wedding rings
wedding dress hanger veil
bride putting on earrings standing by window
wedding dress highland loft black and white bridal suite
latina bride portrait
wedding details wedding shoes bouquet wedding rings
flower girl laying on the floor surrounded by tulle
wedding bouquet on settee
groom boutonnière pink flower men suit
bride praying before ceremony with bridesmaids
groom tying dress shoes before ceremony

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