Wedding Ceremony Gallery

Each and every wedding is different – from the ceremony to the venue to the vows. We capture the laughs, the sincerity, and the tears from beginning to end.

Each wedding ceremony is unique, so we make sure we have enough coverage to get all the reactions from parents, bride and groom and the wedding party during the event.

Highland Loft Elgin, IL ceremony area with sheer fabrics and chairs lined with rose petals
ceremony chair lined with white fabric and light pink rose
flower girl being escorted down the aisle dropping rose petals
groom in military uniform watching his bride walk down the aisle
groom holding bride's hand as they exchange vows
groom placing wedding band on bride's finger during vows
bride and groom hold hands close up at the altar
bride smiling at her soon to be husband at ceremony
couple and officiant at the front of the altar
bride and groom at altar kissing for the first time
bride and groom raising hands together celebrating becoming husband and wife
groom and bride kissing as they are announced "husband and wife"

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