Bre & Tristan's Wedding in Elgin

Bre & Tristan may look familiar if you've already had a wedding or have a future event booked at The Highland Loft. Although they met in 6th grade, they are still side-by-side bartending for THL's owners. These two have sweet love in their hearts, and they shared that love with all of their friends, family, and even the repeat vendors at the venue the day they got married.

I've known these two for quite a while since I've been shooting weddings a THL, and I rarely see them apart. When the schedule from the wedding coordinator came out, I had to read it twice. They're shotgunning a beer during their entrance? This I've gotta see! Their bridal party members each had their own dances as they came in, and then they both managed to shotgun their beers in record time! They truly knew how to kick off one heck of a party.

The ceremony and reception were held at the Higland Loft in Elgin. The ceremony was officiated by Officiant Brad Hughes, and Bre was escorted down the aisle by her uncle, Phil Chiappetta, with members of both families in attendance. Catering was proudly offered by Your Day Your Way Events, and music by the Highland Preferred team, Chris Hodson.