Harmony & Joshua's Engagement Shoot at LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve in Kane County, IL

Harmony & Joshua are set to be married in March 2022, and after their engagement shoot, I am so excited to photograph their wedding! I spend time with all of my couples teaching them core poses, but Harmony picked up on it right away and is a pro after our session. They are both so quiet (but super friendly), and I thought for sure this shoot would bring them out of their shell.

They remained shy and nervous, but every once in a while, I'd get a great smile out of him, or a giggle out of her. I think the funniest moment was when I was teaching them the "stacked" pose. He became the big spoon, and he literally welcomed her with open arms. Then came Harmony's turn. SHE got to be the big spoon, and she giggled with delight. He just shyly smiled and you can tell by his face, he loved it more than he wanted to admit.

I can't wait to share in their big day next year. Only a little over 6 months away, and I'm counting down already!