Lindsey & Liam's Wedding | Highland Loft | Elgin, IL

I knew the moment I photographed Lindsey & Liam's engagement session they were going to be fun to work with. They (like a lot of couples) giggled through their very, very early morning engagement session at North Avenue beach just over a year ago. Come to find out, after warning them it would be chilly, they took matters into their own hands and might have had a little something in the coffee keeping them warm.

Their wedding day was no different. They both were bounding around their getting-ready suites making toasts, having fun, taking shots, and hugging friends who were popping in early to say congrats. Lindsey kept telling me she couldn't wait for her dance with her dad because they had taken lessons and practiced so much to make it just right. They decided they wanted to do first looks with each other, and right after that was over, they both looked at me and asked to have a photo taken of the letters they exchanged – and they are definitely two peas in a pod. They had both made mistakes in their letters and crossed them out. They both posed for each other to admire their outfits and continued to giggle just like they had during their engagement session.

I told Lindsey that she DEFINITELY won 2022's heaviest dress - layers upon layers upon LAYERS of tulle in her wedding dress, but it was absolutely stunning. Liam was dashing in his green suit and cowboy boots. He kept smiling and laughing with all of his guys who were trying their best to keep him calm before he made the trip down the aisle, and not because he was nervous about getting married. Neither Lindsey nor Liam likes being the center of attention, and it definitely showed in their ceremony. By the time the bridal party made it down the aisle, and Lindsey made it to the front of the ceremony, the nuptials were over in a snap. They were going through the formality of a ceremony, but all they wanted to do was have fun with their guests, and get the party started.

Lindsey finally got to do her dance with her dad – the one they had both worked so hard to pull off, and it was nothing short of amazing, There was a snafu with the music, but that's ok, they were able to do their dance together TWICE. Who else can say that they danced to Dancing Queen and Thriller with their father at their wedding? This was definitely one for the books!

Makeup: Kiss This Makeup

Attire: AisleChic & Suits 2020

Flowers: Etsy

Venue: Highland Loft | Elgin, IL

DJ: Highland Preferred

Cake: Herbs Bakery

Catering: Your Day Your Way Events