With the quarantine requirements of COVID-19, many couples are being forced to reschedule or cancel their 2020 weddings. The newest craze in the wedding industry are catchy titles like "minimony", "micro wedding,", and "sequel ceremonies." So what exactly is the difference?

Minimonies are now becoming popular because they are the most intimate of all "monies" out there. Minimonies usually involve the couples, maybe their parents and a friend or two – up to 10 total attendees including the couple. These fall in line with Justice of the Peace/Courthouse style weddings, but are often outdoor or backyard locations. Many brides are opting to do minimonies rather than postponing their weddings to 2021. All you need are some fresh flowers, a few guests and someone authorized to perform the legalities of the day. Minimonies are becoming quite a thing because it's less money, less formal (many opting for the beachfront locales), and less headache.

PROS: least expensive of all "monies", more flexible with times/dates as they are typically shorter in length.

CONS: restrictive on number of guests, organizing your vendors if you do not find an "all-in-one location that handles the details

Micro weddings are small matrimonial weddings with 50 guests or less. Typically couples invite only their closest family and friends. This is a great way to still go through the typical wedding day, but on a smaller scale. In many instances, venues can be in restaurants or small banquet halls, or even in parks and backyards. With all of the restrictions across the US involving social distancing, you need a larger venue for space, but it's not a full-blown wedding day.

PROS: More guests than a minimony, still less than traditional wedding

CONS: Still restrictive on guest number, and venues may be limited with social distancing orders in place.

Sequels are just gaining popularity as some couples just do not want to wait. They often combine a minimony with a sequel or a micro wedding and a sequel. Some brides simply want their dream wedding, but at the same time still want to use their original wedding date as planned. Couples will do a small ceremony (or even an elopement) in 2020, and are already booking their "sequel" for 2021. This not only allows couples to be legally married (and enjoy the perks of tax season), but also later provides them the fun of really having the big shindig they originally planned.

PROS: Get married now and use your Sequel as your "big party" later when things are safer, plus less stress the day of your sequel, you've already done the "hard part!" Did we mention you'll get to wear that fabulous wedding dress a SECOND time?

CONS: Are there any? Who doesn't need an excuse to throw a big bash right about now!?

So what works best for you?

First determine – "Can we wait?" Some couples want to be legally married simply for applying for a new home together, or to add their loved one to insurance, particularly with all of the layoffs that have been taking place. Next decide – "How many people do we absolutely need to be there?" Some couples come from large families, and cannot cut down to only 8 guests. Others say they find it ok to do the minimony, but add the sequel when we are given the all-clear to have a large party. Third, determine your budget – do you want to still spend the money on a big party, or are you ok with the mini/micro wedding? We don't know when the US will (if ever) return to "normal", so you may decide to do vow renewal in a few years when maybe we can go back to what we knew as the norm.

That's great, but now what?

This is great news for couples getting married in the Chicago area. Tonya McNees, owner of Your Day Your Way Events, has put together packages to help you accomplish your dreams. Want to keep your date but need to minimize your guest list for a minimony? She's got ideas! Want to go bigger than a minimony, but smaller than your 2020 guest list can accommodate? She can get you going on a micro wedding. Want to do a small ceremony this year, and still get going on your all-in party in 2021/2022? She's got lots of ideas for a Mini/Micro Sequel combo! With packages starting at $750, she offers flexible locations, catering, wedding cakes/desserts, floral arrangements, photography and DJ packages of all sizes to fit your budget. And the best part? Her services are FREE. Download her latest package details here, or reach out to her, or myself and we can get you started!



Photo credit thanks to @manees via Twenty20