Theresa & Kenneth's Wedding | The Highland Loft | Elgin, IL

I love working with couples who have been through life (aka- couples in their 40's, 50's and even 60's.) They have expectations, and they understand the reality of what can be done on a wedding day. They aren't driven by social media, the "Pinterest-Worthy Perfect Wedding." Some couples have "done this before" and are on marriage number 2, and know what they don't want. They put their own flair into their wedding, and they don't take everyone's wants and needs into account – they do what THEY want.

Theresa & Kenneth were blending families, involving grown children, and they were all a part of the bridal party. They celebrated the family coming together with a unity candle, but not before Theresa flashed her ring at the guests after exchanging vows, with pride might I add. Theresa hired her friend from Texas to coordinate the wedding day, as well as completely taking charge of the decorations for the ceremony and reception areas (they were gorgeous!) Kenneth's best man, Randy, was the life of the party, to say the least. His Best Man speech was nothing short of spectacular when it came to singing Nat King Cole instead of the tired old speech of how they all knew each other, hokey stories, and more. He involved the bridal party in his "L-O-V-E" rendition and even donned the fedora and sunglasses to make it official. They capped off the night with us in the hallway with some mood lighting before heading back to the dancefloor to round out a day of festivities full of love and adoration from friends and family near and far.

Congratulations, Theresa & Kenneth. It was apparent the love you have for each other when every time you kissed – even I blushed! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you both, but I know no matter what, you'll be doing it together.

COMING SOON – Theresa & Kenneth's Wedding Highlight Video!

Venue: The Highland Loft

Bridal Attire: David's Bridal

Catering: Your Day Your Way Weddings & Events

Cake: Sugar on Top Bake Shop

DJ: Alex Payton-Legacy Entertainment

Photography: Parker Photography IL

Videography: Parker Photography IL