Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are fantastic when you want to incorporate holiday-theme colors and decor - it's already available, and in-season! Most couples opt for pine/fir, pinecones, reds, greens, and golds already found plentiful from late November through mid-January. Many venues are already decorated for the holidays, so you can often have less to worry about in your budget because it's already decorated for you!

TIP: Plan (at least in Chicago/Milwaukee) for snow, for out-of-town guests to be delayed coming in, for guests to cancel due to weather, and dress warmly if you want portraits outside! Select a location/venue that has plenty of space indoors for portraits, just in case. We are always happy to accompany or advise couples if we see options for great portraits, and are always happy to recommend places we've been before that we know work for large or small bridal parties and families!