Katelyn & Zachary's Wedding at St.Thomas & Randall Oaks Park

Katelyn & Zachary had their engagement session done last year. They were both super quiet and shy, but by the end of it, they were both talking up a storm and telling me about their wedding plans, and how excited they were to just get it over with. And now that moment is here.

They married at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in Crystal Lake, with a wonderful outdoor reception at Randall Oaks Park in West Dundee. All of the decorations were created by the bride, and she turned an average-looking picnic shelter into a gorgeous reception venue! There were games for guests like Jenga (which became a huge competition), bags, and lots of places to just sit and relax. The father of the groom ended up passing off the microphone because emotions were high, but Zach's mom did an amazing job keeping it together (I know I couldn't!)

Special thanks to my second shooter, Sierra Burke, at SM Photography for being right by my side as always, and keeping me sane and in-check (not to mention, on time.)

After meeting the couple's family, I can definitely tell these two are completely supported and are ready to make the next big move in their lives, whatever that may be!