No two weddings are the same. First the themes – classic, modern, boho, country, elegant, high-end, 5-star, backyard. Dresses – lace, satin, white, cream, colored, sleeves, sleeveless, rhinestones or pearls. Colors – pastels, bold colors, neutrals, all white. Then you consider flowers.

Tradition is for the bride to carry a bouquet and same goes for her bridesmaids. Then you have boutonnières to think about. Don't forget the pews/chairs, alter decorations and table centerpieces. You can spend a small fortune just on flowers alone. Some brides get very elaborate with their bouquets, and while they are gorgeous, I cringe when I see them walk down the aisle, and after that, they are tossed aside, fallen to the ground, inadvertently stepped on, and let with no water during dinner, dancing and festivities all night long. There are so many alternatives out there that can either be used indefinitely, or can at least be eaten---- read on, I promise, it's sweet information!

So what other options exist?

1) Paper Bouquets – We are in LOVE with this one from Pixie & the Wood Carver.

Sunflowers and white roses are a classic summer mix. To make your order even more special, you could incorporate a copy of sheet music from your wedding song (first dance anyone?!) that you will be able to keep for years to come.

2) Felt BouquetsThe Felt Flower Company does an amazing job of making these felt beauties look real, and they are so colorful due to the variety of felt colors available. You can ensure the colors will match your theme!

3) Feather Bouquets – Did you know about these? Me neither! Florio Designs bumps up the game of elegance to something unexpected, and it works! Do yourself a favor and check out the video link above- the photo does not do it justice, but then again, I just can't turn down a little bling!

4) Cupcake Bouquets – You had me at cupcake. This bouquet from Calabasas Cupcake Company is a girl's dream, and they ship anywhere in the US! Just our recommendation, you may want to forgo this option in the dead of summer in the southern/desert states, if your ceremony is outdoors, but I would be willing to change my venue for this piece of art!

5) Puppy "Bouquet" – This one is by far the furriest of ideas. All those nerves would surely be eliminated if you had to snuggle a sweet puppy going down the aisle. We love this photo from Cami Zi Photography in Pensacola, FL. We have a soft spot for this idea, because we help rescue dogs find homes in IL/WI, and I've seen stories where brides carry puppies or dogs on leashes that are available for adoption at the wedding! Who needs a gift from a guest when they are willing to save one of these cuties?

6) Strawberry/Fruit Bouquet – What bride isn't starving before her photos? I don't think I could make it through to the reception without eating this one, but at least we know it wouldn't go to waste! This beautiful (and tasty!) idea is from Shanna's Sweets in Passaic County, NJ. With all of the different chocolate dips she offers, you can get your reds and other wedding colors in one handful of sweetness!

What other wedding alternatives have you seen in your search for the perfect bouquet? Leave us a comment, we'd love to share it!