I often wonder when I meet my couples the first time, what their impression is of myself (and my team.) Are they excited? Do I leave a good impression? Are they concerned about how great of a job I will do for them? Are they left second-guessing my services?

One thing I can guarantee is yes, photographers do have feelings too. I think my clients may think that this is just another paying gig for me. Little do they know that I become completely invested in their big day. I have a big job to do, and I am a people pleaser. I go through list after list building up to wedding week. I often rent special camera gear if I feel I can get a certain shot with a different lens. I pour over images to give me inspiration, and the boards my brides have shared with me over the months. I mentally replay all the details I have to remember that we discussed. I check, re-check and re-check my gear bags the morning of the wedding. I might look cool, calm and collected when I arrive, but I assure you, my mind is racing.

I am just as (if not more) excited than they are. I am watching the bride become this gorgeous queen with hair and makeup. I am taking part in the happiness as mom tears up watching her baby girl growing up in front of her. I sweat with the groom as his nerves start to kick in, and I tell him just how gorgeous she is looking already. I stand back and laugh with the guys as they are partaking in last minute toasts with their boys to calm their nerves. I'm always filled with joy seeing the reception hall decked out in pristine elegance as the finishing touches are added to the sweetheart table. I watch the caterers bring in the cake, I am in awe that in just an hour or two, the newlyweds will be cutting into that cake as a joined couple.

We continue our path as we track down the last of the photos before the music begins. The father of the bride sees his daughter in her dress and his eyes well up. We look on through lenses as the bride begins her journey down the aisle, and we swing over to the groom and see the look of awe on his face (not mention many tears he swore to us they would never shed.) We celebrate as the officiant says, "I now pronounce you husband and wife" and they both clasp hands and raise them as one in excitement.

We take joy as the couple quietly celebrates in a room off to the side with their bridal party. We move to the reception, and snap away as the bridal entourage comes dancing through the hall, celebrating with all the guests. Then it happens. The dances.

We have witnessed dozens of weddings – and it never matters, 30 guests or 300, each and every time the couple takes their first dance together, and as the bride dances with her father, or the groom dances with his mother, it's always a great thing we have cameras. It hides the fact the behind those lenses, we are silently weeping (ok, well maybe I am the only one on the team.) The sight is just as moving the first time we photographed it, to the 20+ more weddings we are in store for this 2020 wedding season.

We are just as invested in our clients' big day as they are. We often become so close with them throughout the process that by the end of the night, we hate to say, "Goodbye," but hug them both and thank them profusely for allowing us the chance to share their big day with us. We are forever grateful when our clients come into our lives, and we are honored to share in the emotions that transpire.