25 Must-Have Wedding Photos

When we meet with couples, it's often amusing how different they are. Some (mostly brides) come in with a list of exactly what shots they want of their wedding, then others I walk through step-by-step asking about details, first looks, flowers, and more. I ask if there are unusual circumstances (one bride was planning on riding in on a horse!) It's good to talk these things through so we know what to expect. Many couples look stunned and usually reply with, "Um, we hadn't really thought about (insert exceptions here)." This blog will break down some of our favorite shots from a wedding day – both typical and some that add that special "awww" moment when they get their photos back.

#25 – The flower girl/ring bearer. The younger they are, the cuter the shot, usually because it is completely candid.

#24 – Walking down the aisle. Maybe you want to see your dress from the back. Maybe you just want a shot of you and your walking buddy (dad, step dad, brother, friend) to remember the moment. This also is a great way to get you in the shot with your hubby's reaction at the same time.

#23 – The hidden treasures. Maybe the groomsmen wore funky socks, or the bride and the groom both work ALl-Star tennis shoes to the wedding. Be sure to find ways to liven things up.

#22 – I won! Capturing the groom's reaction after he realizes he finally won the girl of his dreams, arms up in the air in victory fellas!

#21 – The speech reactions. Some speeches want to put you to sleep. We want to capture the reactions to the speeches – laughing, crying, smiling. blushing. Capture them all!

#20 – Formal portraits with a twist. Everyone dreads the formal photos, but I love capturing the one where the entire group celebrates that the party is just really beginning!

#19 – Grandparents/great-grandparents. This is a day to take a great photo of generations together. It is a moment you will then cherish for a lifetime.

#18 – Mom zipping the bride's gown. This is the moment you usually see mom realize her little girl is now a woman.

#17 – Reading notes from bride to groom/groom to bride before the ceremony. Some couples exchange letters or gifts, and it's always a sweet moment watching them read the note and taking in the last moments before the big event.

#16 – The groom. There is just something captivating about the bride seeing her groom in his full suit/tux and capturing that moment forever.

#15 – The wedding party. You went to great lengths to pick people to stand up for you.... let them shine!

#14 – A first "non-look." Some couples don't want to spoil the surprise, so we'll stage them around a corner or opposite sides of a door to capture the last minute nerves and excitement.

#13 – The exit. Some couples want to close down their party. Others opt to leave the reception through a sparkler-filled row of guests. Maybe it's bubbles, ribbons, birdseed.... just be sure to capture the excitement!

#12 – Completely decorated reception venue. When all the candles are lit, water glasses filled, and all the tables are untouched. The couple seldom sees it in full view before the guests arrive.

#11 – Mom/Dad's first look of the bride in her gown. If you are a Daddy's girl (I know I am) I strongly recommend this one. It'll probably be one of the few times you see Dad cry.

#10 – The first kiss. Do we need to say more?

#9 – The cake. You spend time taste-testing, picking colors and flavors. See the beautiful creation that you designed!

#8 – The couple in the reception area before guests are allowed in. Ditch tradition and get a photo of your reception together in its full glory before the guests sit down and start moving all your hard work around!

#7 – The full dress/dress details. Guests don't typically get to see the gown up close, so this is an ideal shot to share with guests or with those who couldn't attend the event.

#6 – A first look. A lot of couples opt out of this photo, but those who do it are glad they did. This gives them a silent moment to really enjoy seeing each other with no one else around, genuine emotion, and a chance to really connect before the ceremony begins. (It also helps calm their nerves!)

#5 – The rings. It's always a given that we photograph these, but with all the other tiny details of getting ready, it all tells a story of the couple's day without another single photo needed.

#4 – A boudoir photo of the bride. This isn't the super-racy photos. This is simply the "what's she wearing under the dress" demure, innocent picture of her in her corset or lacy things where all the secrets are still hidden, but still something that usually only the bride and groom gets to see.

#3 – First dance with Daddy. I know myself, I treasure the one photo I have of my dad at my wedding. It wasn't fancy, it wasn't staged, but I can remember the song the we chose to play, and it still brings me to tears.

#2 – The first dance as a couple

#1 – His reaction. I get so many requests making sure I get that tear in his eye as his bride walks down the aisle. The rest of the wedding photos are POINTLESS to some brides if they don't actually have a photo of their groom in tears.

Talk to Your Photographer

Regardless of how insignificant you think your idea is, or that we may not need to know a small detail, it really will go a long way with helping us plan your day. Sometimes the smallest details in meetings with our couples lead to some of the best photos we will take of your big day!