Wanting to ensure your guests are attending your wedding day?

Over the last 18 months, everyone in the wedding business has been shuffled around, scheduled, re-scheduled, and pushed out over and over for new dates. As soon as this world got turned upside down, I started to recommend to couples that they send save-the-date cards, as none of us knew for sure that the next date could happen (and why spend the money on the expensive invitations only to change it again?)

Couples look to me for advice on everything from other vendors like florists, DJs, and venue locations, and I have yet to have a great company to recommend to them for invitations, until now! 

When I found Basic Invite, their biggest perk is not only can you order samples (which most wedding printers offer), you can order CUSTOM samples – with your name(s), wedding date, location of the event, and more. 

One thing I have learned in my 25+ years of marketing (which includes working with professional printers) is the high cost to create products that are custom, and it gets even more pricey when you try to get custom samples. I am loving Basic Invite for wedding save-the-date cards and even save-the-date magnets.

One huge decision a bride makes is choosing the colors for the wedding. Everything hinges on those colors (bridesmaid dresses, cake colors, table decor, napkins, and save-the-date or wedding invitations!) Pricing tends to add up when you start looking at colors outside of basic white, gray, or cream, and if you want foil? Double your price! Basic Invite offers almost unlimited colors for save-the-date and wedding invitations (over 180 to choose from), multiple paper types, and they offer it without a premium charge. You can even preview all of your custom information before you order a sample.

Do you want to make sure your save-the-date or invitation stands out before it's even opened (or better yet, making sure your guest doesn't lose it?) Try their save-the-date wedding magnets. Your guests can open your save-the-date card, and stick it right on the fridge to gently remind them not to forget about your big day!

Just a few of the other items they offer –

•bachelor/bachelorette party invites

• bridal shower invitations

• wedding programs

• place cards

• wedding menus

• thank you cards

Basic Invite even offers free address collection services and free envelope printing. You can opt to get tear-off return cards for your RSVPs, without the need for additional envelopes and less postage, saving you money (and what couple doesn't have a budget?!)

I am so happy that I finally have a great company to refer my clients to, and one that I trust to send my clients to. I placed an order for myself to check out how easy it was to use their website, and how their customer service was (BTW, SUPERB). I received my custom samples in just over 10 days, and I am absolutely adding them to my list of recommended wedding vendors for future brides and grooms. Check them out: https://www.basicinvite.com, or visit all their social sites (@basicinvite) to see more samples and customers who have used them!